Welcome to the book side of the blog!

Book Lovers:

I’m so excited you’re here! One of my favorite things is talking about some of my favorite books with other book lovers! It is so fun to exchange recommendations, discuss characters, authors, plot choices, and everything else that comes with enjoying and “nerding out” over a good book or series.

On this side of the blog, I plan to share my monthly TBR (to be read) list, monthly reading wrap-ups, and book reviews! Here is a little more about each topic:

Monthly TBR:

At the start of each month, I will share the list of books I plan on reading that month. I will include pictures of the books, as well as my thoughts on what I think the month of reading will bring.

Monthly Reading Wrap-Ups:

At the end of each month, I will share the details about how my month of reading went! Here, you will get to see if I accomplished my goal of reading everything on my TBR for that month, and I will give my ratings for each book with some brief thoughts about the plot. I’m hoping my reading wrap-ups will help you gather a list of books for yourself that you may enjoy!

Book Reviews:

In addition to my monthly reading wrap-ups, I would like to do an in-depth review of at least one book each month. And I want to hear from YOU! Each month, I will announce on instagram which book from my reading wrap-up that I plan on reviewing. If you want to share your thoughts on that book, you will be able to share those with me via instagram, and I will include some of your thoughts in my review!

I’m excited to explore this page! I hope you will come along and read with me each month! 🙂

May 2023 TBR:

May is one of my favorite months of the year! I’m excited for the group of books I have planned for this month.

First up is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I actually started this book in April but have been slowly working my way through it. I’m IN LOVE with it so far! This is the first Jane Austen novel I have ever read, and I will definitely be reading more. I love the dialogue and the relationships between the characters. I am excited to keep reading!

The second book on this month’s TBR is You Are Only Just Beginning by Morgan Harper Nichols. This one is a beautiful poetry collection with Morgan’s original artwork on each page. I started reading this one in April as well, and I am close to being finished with it. So far, it is a 5 Star Read in my book!

Up next is The Warden and The Wolf King by Andrew Peterson. This is the fourth and final book in The Wingfeather Saga. I adore this series! It follows a trio of siblings and their family as they battle the evil in their land and unpack secrets at every turn. It is packed full of action and adventure, but it is kid friendly too! The third one was incredible (it made me tear up a few times), so I am looking forward to starting the final book in the series!

Well, that’s it for May (and a little bit of June)! I will write my reading wrap-up at the end of this month, so we’ll see if I meet my goal! Thanks for reading! If you’re reading any books this month, let me know which books you’re loving! I am always looking for new recommendations. 🙂

May Reading Wrap-Up: