The Girl in the Willow

The girl in the willow was a dreamer.

Climbing as high as she could go, she memorized every nook and cranny of that beautiful and old tree.

The girl in the willow was excited for all that life could and would be.

When she reached the peak and broke through the treetops, her heart was elated at the abundant land, adventure, and opportunity that was spread out before her.

The girl in the willow danced with the wind when it came.

Descending from the shaking branches, she grabbed hold of its vines, immersing herself into the jungle of the tree. She took its hand and accepted its offer to dance, reminding us that even the things that move to destroy us can be embraced with a heart ready to overcome.

The girl in the willow never wanted to leave.

But change comes as quickly as the wind, and beauty is as fleeting as spring.

However, that girl knew there was beauty to behold, and life yet to live, on the other side of the willow tree.

That girl is you, it’s her, she’s me.

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