Weary Travelers

Weary Travelers

And maybe I’m trying too hard to fit into too many spaces. But I feel my heart pulled in a million different directions and I can’t quite decipher which direction leads to me. But I believe it takes courage to embark on the journey.

But take caution as you travel, because it is unbelievable the ways in which you will sacrifice yourself in order to fit into the mold of someone else’s story.

If no one tells you this today, please remember that you are worth far too much to simply be a background character in another’s plot. No, you are real and vulnerable and complex and you should not shrink yourself down to fit between the lines of the pages of a book that was not written for you.

When life gets tough it can define who a person is and could be. But endurance is a friend to the broken and the weary, reminding you to never let heartbreak leave you bitter—don’t let it close you off to the life that you are meant to lead.

It’s true that you can’t have the rainbow without the storm and let that remind you that one person’s rejection only leads you one step closer to that ray of colors you long for.

And your story will end happily—with family and fireflies and starry nights forevermore.

But in the meantime, while the storm rages on, and the paths don’t make sense—do the brave thing and embrace the rain like the flowers in the spring—do the brave thing and bloom here, now, in this chapter, anyway.