Old Love

I need the sun like I need air. I need its warmth that gently strokes my skin, making me feel like me again. I loved the summer with my entire heart, and for the first time in a long time, it loved me in return. And one who has loved and been loved in return […]

Weary Travelers

And maybe I’m trying too hard to fit into too many spaces. But I feel my heart pulled in a million different directions and I can’t quite decipher which direction leads to me. But I believe it takes courage to embark on the journey. But take caution as you travel, because it is unbelievable the […]

The Gift of a Journal

In August of last year, my mom gave me a journal. But don’t worry, there’s much more to the story than that. When the coronavirus was at its peak last March, and when the world was in complete chaos, my mom decided to start utilizing Walmart’s pick-up option for groceries. She, like many others, was […]

To My Knees

I don’t think I fully understood the depths of God’s love until certain events in my life brought me to my knees. When hard things happen, my initial reaction is to fix the problem myself. I try to take control of the entire situation and find a way to make my own pain go away, […]

The Perfect Gardener

I am a friend of the weeds. I know that weeds, when being used as metaphors for life, are always referred to negatively—whether it be the negative thoughts we let take root in our minds, or the negative people we let remain planted in our lives—weeds are rarely referred to as a good thing. But […]

Little Writing Desk

It all started with a little writing desk. My heart was firmly planted and persistently captivated by the beauty that could be created with a pen and paper. For hours, I would sit at that little writing desk and pour over the pages. I was in love with words. I was in love with creating […]


I was reminded of a summer evening spent with my mom at the farmer’s market. On this particular night, I had the pleasure of sitting next to a 79 year old man who was selling handmade wooden bowls. His work was beautiful, and his attention to detail was clearly displayed. You could tell he took […]

The Girl in the Willow

The girl in the willow was a dreamer. Climbing as high as she could go, she memorized every nook and cranny of that beautiful and old tree. The girl in the willow was excited for all that life could and would be. When she reached the peak and broke through the treetops, her heart was […]

Beauty, Purpose, Gardens

I asked God to give purpose and beauty to my life. But gardens aren’t beautiful until they’ve felt the rain. Until they’ve lived under the storm clouds for a while. And gardens grow weeds. A term tossed around so negatively but one containing much more than we might originally think. Weeds are viewed as annoying […]

The Greatest Story Ever Told

I have always had a plan for my life. And while I’ve heard both good and bad things about having a plan, I know to continuously remind myself that it is a rough draft. I have had countless plans change. Some of this was done with relative ease whereas others were mixed with tears, confusion, […]

Light of the World

He holds the universe – all the stars, the suns, the moons, the galaxies – in the palms of His hands. Our world is His canvas and each night He shows us exactly who He is through the colors in the sky. He shows us His promises. He reminds us of hope. He asks us […]


Humans are beautiful. We’re kind. We’re compassionate. We show empathy. We try to understand each other. We communicate. We listen. We lend a helping hand. We do the most ridiculous things. We celebrate the day someone came into the world, we celebrate days of the week and months of the year, we celebrate two people […]

The Hike

I believe there’s great beauty in feeling lost. But there’s even greater beauty in the comfort of knowing that there are others who feel lost too. Feeling lost brings people together. It connects us, it brings us back to earth, it reminds us that we’re human. We don’t have all the answers, we make mistakes, […]


Each new year, I choose one word that I feel will best guide me through the coming year. In 2017, I chose the word “breathe.” 2017 was the year that I graduated high school and left home to begin a completely new chapter of my life at college. To say I was terrified would be […]